Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean - Please Don't Compare Yourself to Sarah Palin

Ms. Prejean,

On your Larry King interview, you said you were "Palin-ized" because you were being attacked for your conservative beliefs. Don't insult Sarah Palin like that. You may share a belief against gay marriage with Mrs. Palin. And yes, you were treated unfairly by the media. But unlike Mrs. Palin you do not have strong conservative credentials, political savvy, nor experience.

Sarah Palin was the govenor of a state. She ran as the republican candidate for Vice President. Sarah Palin has come out forcefully on free market economic policies, energy independence, health care reform. She has energized the conservative base, and helped the party refocus their priorities. She has at times come across as silly or misinformed on the issues, but overall has accurately articulated what is a "conservative woman."

You on the other hand made one inarticulate remark regarding gay marriage in a beauty pageant. Now you are involved in a sex tape controversy. Hardly accomplishment enough to compare yourself to Sarah Palin.

Anti-gay marriage sentiment is not a litmus test for conservatism. It may be correlated and a part of conservatism in some peoples mind. But the main issues of today are economic ones.

So Ms. Prejean, stop reaching for fame and fortune from this controversy and allow true conservative women to take the spotlight.

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