Thursday, November 13, 2008


Its time to rebuild the Republican Party.

1. Make a small government. We need the government to provide infrastructure, law enforcement, military protection, and other areas that the private sector cannot effectively do (ex. curiosity based research). The federal government should not be trying to solve everyones problems.

2. Focus on the economy and support the free market. Embrace globalization, even with the hardship of outsourcing. It will be best for the workers in the long run when new jobs are created, and cheaper products can be bought. Resist raising the minimum wage even with accusations of being heartless - it causes jobs to be loss, hurting more than it helps.

3. Be adamant in federalism. The states have rights. Lets not take them away. Why give the states power, yet take it away when the party disagrees with states decisions? Perfect example, let state courts and legislature decide on gay marriage. When they allow it, don't get angry and push for a nationwide ban. Encourage state and local activism.

4. Reduce both taxes and spending. Don't do one without the other. The last 8 years have not been managed correctly.

5. Stay pro-life. But don't alienate those who disagree.

6. Support the military. R&D for the military helps the private sector. But when decreasing government spending, make sure to include the military when looking for inefficiencies.

7. Fix healthcare. Offer a plan that rejects government sponsored healthcare for a market driven solution. We don't want to lose the scientific breakthroughs that are made because of competition in the market. We are the leaders in the biomedical sciences for a reason.

8. Learn science. Become educated. Ex: 1) Stem cells do not come from aborted fetuses. They come from unused embryos in IVF. Big difference. 2) Fruit fly research is not a pet project. A little education will go a long way in policy.

9. Expand the base. Don't let liberals claim whole groups. Gays, women, minorities, and the poor do not belong to them. We need to embrace them, and explain why specific policies (ex: equal wages for equal work) would be more symbolic than actually helping them.

10. Bring back intellectualism. William Buckley Jr. shouldn't be the only one. We need to foster conservative intellectualism - more than just the WSJ and the National Review. Bashing liberal academics doesn't make our ideas any better. Fund research and institutions that will revisit the academic roots of the party. Don't sacrifice academic integrity to reach out to the everyday man. That said, don't be arrogant either.

There are many more things to do, but this is a good start. Let's not lose hope. We've got 4 more years and then another try!

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